Design & Development Services

From trade sketching to clothing manufacture, I have offer services to suit emerging designers and established apparel brands for both local and offshore production.

There are a lot of considerations when putting a range together, and a lot of hands on, roll-your-sleeves-up type work in patternmaking, measuring, creating make instruction drawings, fitting, sewing of samples, production and quality control. Much of the detail that goes into tech packs and other development services is necessary for clear communication to factories, and to prevent errors.

Unfortunately, there is really no shortcut to developing products of high quality – every process and piece of information plays a necessary part in achieving the end result – a high quality fashion line that fits, meets your price margin and sells well.




The first steps of creating technical flat drawings and tech packs are extremely important, as this is where the style is planned – every detail and process is worked out and documented, leaving nothing to chance.

When a factory makes the patterns, it is even more important to take control of the fit strategy, the measurements, the silhouette and the fit by providing and constantly checking these areas during the pre-production process.

Offshore factories may also make or supply fabrics and trims, but the quality and colours still need to be approved and controlled, and the bulk fabrics tested, with reference to Australian Standards for woven and knit fabrics.




If you relinquish control and allow your factory or offshore agent to create your tech packs, how will you know they are serving your interests, or making things easy for themselves?  What if something goes wrong, or doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, but it wasn’t in the tech pack? And if using offshore agents, how will you get consistency and transparency across your collections and know exactly who is making your clothes? 

I recommend using trained product development specialists with industry experience that can handle your technical product development process, or else walk you through each step.  I recommend providing you factory with thorough tech packs which detail everything about the style.

By investing in the skills of a professional, procedures will be in place, and problems will be fleshed out before bulk production, saving you money and time, and most of all production headaches.



If you would like to chat about how you can leverage my industry experience to help you create a high quality stand out fashion line, take the first step and book a free 15 minute discovery call. 



Consulting Services

Don’t see a package that suits your brand?

Looking for someone to Manage your Production and work with factories?  Or to source suitable factories, fabrics and trims?

Or perhaps you would just like to talk your processes out with an industry professional?

Are you wanting to do-it-yourself, but need support?  Are you needing ideas of where to begin?

Or perhaps you need help to focus on the next critical step? Or one-on-one training in a particular area?

Are you working directly with a factory, and having some issues?  Or do you need help with fitting and specification measurement adjustments?  Or need help with concept development or a line review?


These sessions are totally flexible, one-on-one sessions designed to focus on your current business needs and concerns. 

Book me by the hour to leverage my 15 years of experience in the Sydney fashion industry.

These sessions are where you can ask me anything, we can work together on a project or set goals and outcomes.

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